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Switchgear Manufacturing

TIG Automation GmbH designs, manufactures and assembles switch- and control gear for various needs and requirements. With a capacity of about 1.000 cabinet fields per year we design any kind of control cabinet or console system.
Thanks to a high degree of automation in our switchgear manufacturing facility with its own CNC center for mechanical works and cable assembly for the wiring, we can guarantee you custom-made switchgear as well as serial production of control systems of high quality at a competitive price. The scope of products ranges from compact system enclosures for PC and network technology to switchgear and control systems for industrial applications or  low-voltage main distributions. These are the characteristics of our switchgear and control cabinets:

  • • Manufacture according to actual technical standards by qualified and trained personnel
  • • Safety protection against dangers from live parts, even exceeding the usual measures prescribed by law
  • • Optimum loading for minimum space requirements and sufficient reserve space
  • • EMC-compliant design to avoid interference and to provide shielding against electromagnetic interference
  • • Thermal calculation and planning of cooling, heating and air conditioning
  • • Profound labelling,  durable and weather-resistant
  • • Variants for internal and external usage,  adaptation to demanding environmental conditions
  • • Careful testing and monitoring/documentation to assure a high quality result

We are happy to advise you on designing a suitable switchgear and control cabinet for your industrial facility.

Your contact:

Michael Harder
Tel:     +49 (0)40 790000 – 421 Fax:    +49 (0)40 790000 – 30
Mobile: +49 (0)176 49486794

Serial manufacture in higher numbers as well as custom-made design     Ranging from cabinets for power distribution to compact system enclosures for PC- and network technology