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Waste treatment

The recycling and recovery of waste will become even more important in the future, as natural resources are running short and prices are increasing.   New ways of efficient and sustainable recycling shall be made accessible by technical innovations. Reliable process control systems play an important role in this development. For the waste treatment industry, which is a technical focus of TIG Automation, we design and and implement complete electrical systems for the mechanical and mechanical-biological treatment of residues.  Our expertise covers automation solutions for composting facilities as well as aeration and exhaust air.

Water treatment

The broad product range of  TIG Automation includes the installation and programming of electrical equipment and switchgear for automatic filtration, softening and desalination. Further filtration technologies are UV filtration and ultrafiltration. Water is a scarce commodity. Whether it is pure water for the drinks industry, the purification of ground water or the treatment of industrial waste water: A global effort is made to make the precious resource available at the highest quality. Nowadays there are many different water treatment technologies to choose from.

Test bed technology

Products which are developed taking into consideration factors such as climate, insulation or environmental influences, are more durable, reliable and produce less waste. Therefore a checkup beforehand in a high technology test bed is vital for many industry branches. TIG Automation conceptualises electrical equipment, switchgear with control systems and electrical installations for components as well as test benches and environmental simulators, for ex. sunlight, wind and high altitude simulation, which are used in the automotive industry in particular.

Chemical industry

The strict safety standards applicable in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry define the requirements for the related automation solutions: Components used within these systems have to be approved for use in potentially explosive atmospheres, for example. As a competent partner for the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, TIG Automation delivers – among others – electrical equipment, switchgear with control systems and electrical installations for chemical reactors, rotary and thin-film evaporators, drum dryers or high performance liquid chromatography systems. Apart from that we develop special software add-ons for recipe preparation or user and charge logging, which can be crucial for reaching a top position on the market.

Exhaust air treatment

For the protection of employees and the environment, air extraction and ventilation measures as well as fire precautions are explicitly regulated in many industries and must be implemented according to national or European guidelines. Using its specialised knowledge, TIG Automation can properly fulfil all specifications during its implementation of customer specific solutions in the sphere of air extraction and ventilation technology. This includes, among others, electrical equipment, switchgear with control systems and electrical installations for industrial exhaust-air scrubbers and extraction systems, also as a fire prevention for the paint and varnish production, in the aviation sector, timber industry, food and beverage or drinks and tobacco industry.