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Automation servicing – 24/7 on-call service

icon-serviceTIG Automation GmbH offers you a 24/7 on-call service, which means that one of our project engineers is available for you around the clock.
In general, support is given via remote access:
We offer the possibility to connect with your industrial plant via telephone or internet connection, which enables us to make a fault diagnosis of the control or visualisation system or even to modify the system if needed.
There are several options to establish a stable and fast line that at the same time meets our customers’ privacy and security provisions. In this way the servicing staff can access the visualisation, the control system or intelligent units like the frequency converters, depending on the key problem.

  • • The PLC and control system offer different ways of fault diagnosis, which go much further than the alarm messages displayed on the visualisation screen.
  • • We can modify the control system and the visualisation via remote access, this allows us for example to mask out faulty components from the system, so that the plant can be run during the repair period.
  • • Sporadically occurring faults can more easily be found through direct monitoring of process operations running in the background.
  • • If it is necessary to replace the PLC we set up the control software via remote access.
  • • Also intelligent units like frequency converters can in this way easily be parameterised again after replacement.

If a fault diagnosis via remote access is not possible, our service engineers come to your facility and remedy the fault on-site.
Besides the service hotline number, every on-call service customer receives the contact details of three mebers of the staff for questions occuring during the day-to-day business.


Remote access to an industrial plant’s  SCADA       Remote access to the PLC control system and the user interface for fault diagnosis     Remote access and fault diagnosis in the visualisation