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Industrial Service

Maintenance of electrical, measuring and control technology

icon-service To avoid unplanned downtime and detect components in need of repair early enough, regular inspection and maintenance of the electrical, measuring and control technology as well as the switchgear is absolutely essential. If requested TIG Automation undertakes the task of testing your plant’s sensors and measuring devices, as well as the inspection and maintenance of the emergency shutdown installations. We clean and service your switchgear and check your industrial PC’s.

24/7 on-call service

icon-servicePlant downtimes are costly. The constant provision of professional staff for exact fault diagnosis and troubleshooting takes operating companies a lot of effort. We support our customers by an economical solution: Round the clock a special team of qualified automation engineers, also experienced in process engineering, is available on our service hotline.

Automation servicing and remote maintenance

icon-serviceThe current remote access methods enable our staff to control PLCs and visualisation systems from afar, in order to find and remedy faults. We provide qualified help, even if the problem is caused by cross-functional faults. A detailed record of your plant and its specific requirements, which is also available to your own operating staff, keeps our technicians permanently informed. Our customers will be given a personal account that allows them to download work logs and cost statements related to their service agreement.

Modifications and expansion of existing plants

icon-fabrik If your facility expands, we help you to implement new parts in the automation solution. New regulatory requirements often entail integrating new technology into your existing system, e.g. new filter types. When building in a new unit, an extension of the control system and its visualisation become necessary. For this task TIG Automation can offer you professional support.

Plant evaluation and optimisation

icon-fabrik Identify your ‘energy guzzlers’ and cut costs with our help. For calculating the costs of industrial processes the cost centres and the sources of energy consumption have to be monitored and analysed precisely. The basis for the optimisation of energy costs is a sensible accounting of the plant’s consumption. We offer applications for a large-scale analysis, which allows you to evaluate the energy demand of various consumers in your facility and to find out how to save costs in the future. 

Plant servicing

icon-fabrik During their lifecycle industrial plants have to be checked and maintained regularly. TIG Automation sorgt für die Wartung und Instandhaltung ihrer Prozessleittechnik sowie der gesamten Anlagenautomation. TIG Automation keeps your process control engineering and the electrical equipment in good condition. Upon request TIG Automation provides you with regular maintenance and servicing of your system. We take care of our customer’s plants throughout the entire operational period. A remote maintenance connection established by us makes quick access possible and facilitates remote diagnosis of the underlying cause of failure notices.