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Industrial Assembly and Installation

icon-service EMC-compliant installation The increasing amount of electrical components in industrial plants goes along with  higher demands on professional electrical installation and assembly. EMC compatibility, standardised grounding and equipotential bonding cannot be taken for granted in every service provider. TIG Automation GmbH however has gained long-term experience with all types of plants. Not least because of our company partnership with Danfoss we can come up with broad knowledge regarding EMC-compliant installation. Among other things, TIG Automation can offer you the following services:

  • • Electrical installation for Ex areas
  • • Electrical installation for functional integrity according to DIN 4102 (E30, E60, E90)
  • • Grid route planning
  • • Measurement of insulation resistance, grounded conductor testing, etc.
  • • Electrical assembly and installation according to British Standard


If you have any questions regarding electrical installation and assembly, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Thomas Veelders


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Standardized assembly for varying requirements
EMC-compliant wiring and installation